Aug 30, 2010

Wisconsin Veterans News

All About MS – a reportedly common diagnosis among some Gulf War veterans
Multiple sclerosis is a central nervous system disorder marked by decreased nerve function with initial inflammation of the protective myelin nerve covering and eventual scarring. Symptoms and severity of symptoms vary widely and may progress into episodes of crisis alternating with episodes of remission. See 91 Outcomes

From the VA:

Wisconsin County Offices Report Large Increase In Veterans Seeking Help. The Janesville (WI) Gazette (8/27, Birkelo) reports that a “growing number of Rock County’s 14,000 veterans are seeking help through the Rock County Veteran’s Service Office.” The veterans service officer reports an increase in workers being laid off from General Motors and other firms checking to see if they are eligible for VA health care, while younger veterans are more interested in education and tuition benefits. The influx has meant increased office and in-home appointments, It has also led to federal benefit payments to county veterans more than doubling between 2001, when they were just over $17 million, and over $38 million in 2009.

Benefit Planned For Disabled Veteran In Milwaukee VAMC. The Fond du Lac (WI) Reporter (8/27, 14K) reports, "A benefit is being planned for Sept. 25 to benefit a Fond du Lac County veteran residing in a Veterans Administration hospital in Milwaukee. Ron Norman, who served as a Army sergeant in Korea during the Vietnam conflict was seriously injured in an automobile accident last March that left him a quadriplegic. Jake Henning, organizer of the event, is hoping to raise enough funds to help offset medical expenses and to make Norman's residence handicap accessible so Norman can return home."

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