Dec 8, 2009

Madison Is Sixth "Smartest" College Town

This ranking is per the Daily Beast. Ranking does not mean much in itself but large academic-research centers are hotbeds of progressive movements that brought down the national GOP, what John Judis and Ruy Teixeira call the Ideopolis—enemy of bigotry, Palinesque ignorance and neo-McCarthyite politics of "terror" propaganda.

As the second largest city and capital of Wisconsin, Madison is the center of academia in a state once known for the strength of its lumber industry. The university and the government are the city’s biggest employers. The town supports a strong cultural scene, which includes a local repertory theater, opera, ballet, and symphony. The university is a leading venue for stem-cell research, since UW-Madison Professor James Thompson first isolated human embryonic cells in 1998, generating more than $800 million for research in 2008.

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  1. Although Wisconsin, including Wisconsin colleges, are a good half century behind on issues concerning poverty, income disparities and effective (non-punitive) social policies.