Nov 2, 2009

Military Pushing for Prolong Losing War in Afghanistan

President Obama is visiting Madison Thursday, a place renown for its anti-war sentiment among other notable accomplishments.

If I had a direct audience with Obama, I would ask him to read this piece, excerpted below, written by a Vietnam War combat Marine arguing for withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Military Pushing for Prolong Losing War in Afghanistan

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor, Veterans Today

Our professional military, cut from the same cloth that killed off a generation in Vietnam, is pushing for a decade of war in Afghanistan, a decade of promotions, massive budgets, big 'after retirement' defense contracting jobs and the adrenalin rush of sending others out to die. Stuck in a land-locked country with an enemy impossible to fight, and no cause of any kind to speak of, keeping a war going takes imagination and tons of lies and backstabbing. What group could be better at it than the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon?

DEFINITION: PERFUMED PRINCE: a man who is seen as bureaucratic or careerist; a man who is said to be effete, feminine, ineffectual, vacillating, or cowardly; (hence) a member of the U.S. military leadership (at the Pentagon); top brass. (by Col. David Hackworth)

The military loved Vietnam. It was an endless round of single malt scotches at the club and teenage girls delivered by jeep or, if you had enough rank, helicopter by night. During the day there were photo opportunities with the troops between the 3 star meals and poolside chatter. American brass in Vietnam lived a lifestyle few could ever dream of, ease, comfort, rare occasions of heart pounding danger but no discomfort, no missed meals and every need, no matter how immoral, sick or disgusting, only a snap of the fingers away.

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