Oct 30, 2009

The Cheneys' Lying, a Family Affair

As news breaks that Dick Cheney Told FBI He Had No Idea Who Leaked Plame ID, contradicting "(e)vidence at Libby's criminal trial (showing) that Cheney had told Libby about Wilson's wife in mid-June 2003," Liz Cheney joins the family business on Fox News blasting President Obama for honoring fallen American troops.

"Even Stalin's daughter had the good sense to know her own father was a vicious monster," writes Gordon Duff, a Vietnam War Marine combat veteran arguing for withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, writing in Veterans Today.

Look on the bright side, Cheney and his family are so discredited that they are about as popular as a virulent strain of the H1N1 virus.

From Duff:

When dead American soldiers were brought back in secret, in shame, it was at the orders of Vice President Cheney.

Cheney planned the Iraq invasion even before the election and well before 9/11. The Cheney's testimony before the 9/11 Commission is filled with things like, "We never thought anyone would attack America, we knew nothing, nothing, nothing....never expected anything at all."

Cheney ordered the phony intel that took us into Iraq. Cheney overruled the generals who told us the war would go on for years and cost thousands of lives Cheney sent troops to war with poor body armor, defective weapons and protected against IEDs by canvas doored Humvees. When our troops had poisoned water and were electrocuted in their barracks, it was Haliburton, Cheney's company that did it. When 5 years passed with too few troops, it was Cheney in control. It was Cheney's war plan that brought America to the brink of total defeat in Afghanistan. Dick and Lynn Cheney, among the biggest war profiteers in American history are now pointing their blood stained fingers in blame at others. Now they have their pointless spawn playing attack dog too?

Haggard mouthpiece of the right wing corporate talk shows in Liz Cheney, torture apologist and "plotter in training." Someone needs to remind Liz that we know. The torture wasn't to get information but to make prisoners promise not to implicate their Bush administration contacts. Who would want some cook or driver working for a famous terrorist blurting out that their bosses regularly met with White House and CIA stooges. Is this why the Bush White House kept their overnight visitor's log secret?

Liz, given a non-existent State Department job in the Middle East by her dad's lapdog, Colin Powell, has spent her entire life waiting in line to be handed anything she has wanted just because her father is one of the most miserable and despicable human beings to ever walk the Earth.

Poor but honest and hard working Austrians, members of the Hitler family, have lived in shame for decades. If they were in America, they would have their own talk shows on Fox or co-host with Bill O'Reilly. You can see Liz Cheney on Fox anytime, no pixel disruption over her face, although I would advise it for cosmetic reasons.

What greater qualification is there for making accusations against a President choosing to honor American soldiers who gave their lives during wartime? Even Stalin's daughter had the good sense to know her own father was a vicious monster.

For 7 years of war, hardly a thought was given to anything but piling no bid contracts on one phony company after another, all personal friends of Dick Cheney, companies like Blackwater, infamous for being the worst security company in world history, run by Eric Prinz but secretly controlled by lifelong Cheney friend, Dick DeVos, huge Republican party contributor and losing Republican candidate for Michigan governor.

Now, those who rode the caboose of "the gravy train to hell" think some face time on America bashing Fox News is adequate moral high ground enough to make up for a life devoid of any human merit.

With America bankrupt and bogged down in wars we now know were not only handled with total stupidity but started for profit based on falsified intelligence, the mastermind of America's collapse and downfall, Dick Cheney, perhaps 3rd most hated person in world history behind Stalin and Hitler, lashes out at those working day and night to restore honor to our country and undo the damage his greed, lies and ineptitude have done.

It was bad enough when Cheney, through his friends who own most of the news networks and papers in the US, lashes out, but now he is hiding behind the skirts of his wife Lynn, long time Washington political hack.

Liz Cheney, on Fox News of all things, tell us that President Bush secretly honored our troops. Yes, Bush and even Liz honored them. They were honored secretly into the country and hidden away as though they were yesterday's garbage. Could we ask Liz how many nights she spent leaving the country club and cocktail party scene and heading out to meet the plainloads of coffins?

It is tough growing up with a hero for a dad. Learning to be a big mouthed blowhard, one of 3 in the Cheney family, came naturally to Liz. Liz should tell us more about her dad's accomplishments. Few people who have never touched a weapon except to accidentally shoot one of their own friends, has done as much damage to the world, with most of that damaged carefully aimed at the United States.

Never in our history has a family taken so much and given back too little to America, other than shame few of us will outlive. The idea was to get into the Middle East as quickly after the election as possible, scare the hell out of America and pass laws restricting rights at home and put together an organization that would allow our treasury to be looted, our troops to be abused, mistreated and led by imbeciles while our veterans were denied care, compensation and, as with our troops, thrown away and pushed to homelessness and suicide.

The responsibility for this lies with Cheney. Bush was nothing but a figurehead, an illiterate clown. Dick Cheney and his bumbling follower, Donnie Rumsfeld, playing the roles of dictator and world conqueror failed at every single thing they touched. Now this "two bit" phony Hitler and Goering pair fill the airways accusing others of being Fascist. Oh, the irony of it.

You would think some might remain quietly thankful they are not subjected to endless trials here and abroad for torture, murder and corruption on the largest scale in our nations history.
Instead, we have to continue to hear them chattering away. Maybe they are right and President Obama is totally ineffective. Maybe Obama is a fool. How can you clean a house when you haven't taken out the trash?

Americans can deal with having the Republican party, as they have threatened, freeze our government and collapse our economy, if we allow the criminal acts of the Bush administration to be subjected to criminal investigation. This is the truth of it.

I, for one, believe it is our duty as Americans to uphold the rule of law. Let the GOP do their worst. No more coverups, no more blackmail, no more payoffs. The only lesson we are learning is that even the worst criminals imaginable can walk free in America if they have the right friends. As long as Dick Cheney goes free, no American should spend a minute incarcerated.
When an American president chooses to publicly acknowledge the price paid by our soldiers whose broken bodies are no longer smuggled back in the dark of night, Liz Cheney, daughter of Vietnam war "too important to serve my country" non-veteran Dick, speaks for those who have made hating America a way of life.

I don't care how many Republicans and Democrats have to be jailed. Only one thing is certain, we have to arrest Dick Cheney first, maybe not just Dick.

-Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.

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