Jul 25, 2008

Anti-Catholic Pol's Slate of Candidates Revealed

Tom Reynolds' Clean Sweep Wisconsin (CSW) slate of candidates running in the Milwaukee area are revealed in CSW's July campaign finance report.

The report indicates seven Assembly candidates (one since disqualified) and one State Senate candidate, Nicholas E. Cosey, (since disqualified) as recipients of CSW's PAC money.

The former Wisconsin state senator, Reynolds, has been disavowed by establishment Republicans and Democrats, and criticized for the dealings of his PAC in running rightwingers in Democratic primaries while denying that he is doing so.

Reynolds is being investigated by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board for filing an anonymous and frivolous election challenge to former CSW candidate Cosey's opponent, incumbent State Sen. Spencer Coggs (D-Milwaukee).

Reynolds has been ostracized for, among many extremist public positions, his close associations with anti-Catholic and assorted rightwing organizations, and bizarre behavior as a state senator.

Although Reynolds and his recruited opponents running in Democratic primaries stand little chance of posing a threat to incumbents in the September Democratic primary, it is instructive to note who Reynolds' people are because of the toxic nature of Reynolds' ideology.

Listed below are the six remaining CSW candidates on the right column of the chart below and the amount contributed by CSW.

CSW's Candidates' Campaign Contribution

(D-15) - Josh Hoisington (CSW contributed $75)

(D-8) - Jose Guzman (CSW contributed $80)

(D-20) - Philip Landowski (CSW contributed $75)

(D-17) - Samantha H. Bady (CSW contributed $75)

(D-10) - Charisha Allen (CSW contributed $75)

(D-16) - David D. King (CSW contributed $75)

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