Aug 4, 2021

Wisconsin Got What It Wanted — Systemic, State Violence, Administered by the Badger Judenrat

Wisconsin Democrats administer the carceral state that sees
innocents swept off the streets and warehoused in prison,
and administrative bail-probation-parole complexes.
Municipal and other Judenrat are rewarded handsomely.
Madison, Wisconsin — The attempted destruction of the European Jews stands as the beginning of modern world history.

But not because of the defeat of totalitarianism and anti-Semitism as political systems.

Not because by-standers, compliance, and acting out of convenience in the face of moral horror became imprecatory to human affairs. 

Totalitarianism won. Hate won. 

The Judenrat won.

The fight continues, but the proposition that human beings retain rights to life and liberty is a sick joke to anyone with a fleeting understanding of American post-war foreign policy and the modern domestic police state.

Prison-state America has destroyed countless lives, and the best one generation offers now is to cancel people on social media not anointed of their taboo morality and contrived, ahistorical understanding of America and its inception.

Tens of thousands of municipalities have become mini-police states, some of the modern-day Judenrat becoming so enamored of their offices of authority, local police load up with military weapons, and face down imaginary threats to the community, in self-defense of course.

Domestically, and Wisconsin is a paradigm, many statist Democrats erected a police-prison state that shamed the cause of liberty and made the 'progressive state' the worse place to be black and brown in America. 

Police roadblocks, William Rehnquist was right jurisprudence has dominated Wisconsin Democratic Party politics for decades, though ultimately as least roadblocks and show-me-your-papers operations were rejected by voters, putting Democrat Kathleen Falk out of political business.

Who could be stupid as to not realize black and brown people doing nothing except driving do not want and deserve encounters with police as a condition of driving? Wisconsin Democrats.

Democrats are back at it of course, and any acclamation of the Fourth Amendment is met with suspicion by police-state Democrats.

It used to be reasonable to believe that Democrats like Gov. Tony Evers (D), Attorney General Joshua Kaul (D) were simply clueless about what police do to harm black and brown people.

This is folly. You meet a cop on the road, and your life is at risk. 

This is the way Democrats want it.

Community outrage continues today against such recent police killings in Wisconsin of Paul Heenan (Schenider, The Capital Times (2013)) (killed by Madison Police Officer Stephen Heimsness who resigned in June 2013 (Erickson, Wisconsin State Journal), Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. in Madison (Dean, The Capital Times), Michael Bell in Kenosha (2004), and Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee (Luthern, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; Mal Contends). Too many victims to list. See also Paul Gottinger in CounterPunch.

Democratic judges are aligning with the disreputable Democratic-led Dept of Justice to keep an innocent man, Steven Avery, in prison.

Until Steven Avery and his equally innocent nephew, Brendan Dassey, are free, I will never cast a vote for any Democrat again.

Meanwhile, police repression continues in Kenosha, in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, the whole god-damn state of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Dept of Justice announced it is looking for a new head of the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

Don't worry, I'm sure the Democratic-led police operation will find the perfect man for the job.

Someone who can reliably implement solutions well.

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