Jul 15, 2020

Tim Carpenter Stands with Law Enforcement Against Black Lives

Updated - State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) is using his aggressive confrontation with liberation fighters to put as many Black Lives Matter folks, including their allies, behind bars. See Richels' new piece in Wisconsin State Journal.

Madison, Wisconsin — In matters of racism amid black liberation protests this Summer, the reaction from one white politician in Wisconsin speaks loudly.

Wisconsin State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D) is trying to make the historic protests for justice about him,  the real victim of violence, the Milwaukee pol assures the world, (Pittman/WORT News).

Carpenter is a white politician from a Milwaukee district, where he has spent three decades in the state legislature working to screw over black and brown people —  for example, blocking pot decriminalization, because keeping pot on the criminal code is a ready means of enhancing black time behind bars.

At a Black Lives Matter protest demanding radical change against police oppression, on June 23 Carpenter showed up on the capitol square around Midnight to troll ralliers. Carpenter now demands that police arrest the protesters with whom he started a confrontation.

There is heavy police surveillance of liberation protesters, an effort joined by white supremacists who take their own video of protesters in a propaganda effort against the movement.

So, naturally Carpenter takes the side of police and white supremacists and since early July has begun recirculating a deliberately misleading four-second video clip in his continuing effort to get protesters arrested.

Challenged on Twitter to explain his record working against decarceration and decriminalization, the white Democrat says, in effect, I have met many black people. It's comical and pathetic.
During this historic moment of black liberation — the most important since 19-century abolitionism — Tim Carpenter is teaming up with law enforcement to kneecap liberation workers to continue the crusade to imprison as many black people as possible.
So, we're here at a historic moment, and Tim Carpenter jumps into identity politics, and says, 'I'm gay and I have met black people. Pathetic.

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