Jul 17, 2019

Wisconsin Republicans Take Water Polluters' Show on the Road

Huge sand deposits in Central Wisconsin guarantee
environmental and health catastrophes if millions of
gallons of liquid and aerial cow manure are to
be dumped into the environment by Big Ag.
Madison, Wisconsin — The Republican Party continues its work this Summer to facilitate factory farms and other big ag operations in their deliberate poisoning and depleting of surface and groundwater.

But a traveling roadshow, the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality, led by State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) claims to be looking for solutions to the same industrial-sized degradation to water quality for which Vos and his Party implement polluter-friendly policy on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and state legislature.

Vos' expensive sham is a political necessity for Republican lawmakers working for industrial polluters thanks to the work of citizen groups.

Even in the gerrymandered state districts drawn to elect Republicans, the polluters' lobby in the state legislature is forced to engage in propaganda campaigns claiming Republicans too believe in protecting clean and safe water.

Republicans run political interference for big ag polluters across Wisconsin. Without the gerrymander, the Party would have been run out of office by angry voters.

As the newest water polluters' political campaign, the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality hearings are well-conceived as propaganda campaigns go, including luminaries such as George Kraft and U.S. Department of Agriculture microbiologist Marc Borchardt — academics whose findings on the grave danger big agriculture presents to water and life are ignored by every single Wisconsin Republican officeholder.

Republicans don't care about water quality anymore than they care about women's health.

The next stop on the traveling roadshow is in Tomahawk and Steven Point, July 23, 24. At the Stevens Point public hearing, the polluters' lobby will be met by many central Wisconsin residents whom big ag proposes to run out of their own, multi-generational homes.

Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
12:00 PM
Dreyfus University Center
1015 Reserve St.
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Laird Room North

A July 16, 2019 email from Saratoga Concerned, a central Wisconsin citizens group fighting for clean water and specifically against a proposed massive [Wyscoki] factory farm, urges residents to speak:

For 7 years our community has fought against the Wysocki's resisting their efforts to establish their toxic CAFO [Confined Agricultural Feeding Operations or factory farms] and polluting business practices within our township. Throughout this fight many of us have become incredibly aware of just how precious our ground and surface water is to us locally and statewide. We have learned the naked truth of how our State Legislature, controlled by deep political donors, continuously allows for the exploitation of our resources and turns a blind eye to water contaminating business practices running rampant in our state. Our beautiful Wisconsin waterways are quickly becoming toxic and our groundwater resources contaminated beyond repair. Wisconsin water resources are too precious and contamination is hitting too close to home for us to sit back and think our fight to preserve our water here in Saratoga is over. Please read the information below, then mark your calendars and plan to attend, or SPEAK, at the upcoming public hearing.
"Water quality has become a buzz phrase in Wisconsin. During his first state of the state report, Gov. Tony Evers declared 2019 'the year of clean drinking water.' Weeks earlier Assembly Speaker Robin Vos began setting up a task force to determine the key sources of water contamination and ways to remedy them," notes WUWM.

The 2020 general election will demonstrate how much damage and degradation big agriculture and its Republican allies can inflict on water before a critical mass of voters overwhelms the gerrymandered legislative maps Republicans drew to protect their party against the will of the Wisconsin people.

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  1. Looks good and am looking forward to Stevens Point Speakers the 24th.
    Mike Kapp, Waushara County Supervisor