Apr 18, 2019

Making a Murderer Attorney Has Website Explaining Legal Filings — #WorkWithKZ

Wisconsin law enforcement and a functioning democracy
in which the rule of law is foundational will take a long time
to rebuild in the wake of Wisconsin v. Avery post-conviction
litigation. Image from JamesB007D, United Kingdom.
Madison, Wisconsin — The litigation that looks likely to exonerate two innocent men, possibly end the political career of the new attorney general and thrust a sizable chunk of Wisconsin law enforcement into disrepute and a criminal probe has not garnered the media coverage merited by the gravity of the topics.

Fortunately for Wisconsin, the University, churches, human rights groups, and the media, Kathleen Zellner has a webpage, #WorkWithKZ, dedicated to explaining legal filings and developments to a lay audience.

The Appleton Post-Crescent (Alison Dirr), WBAY, WLUK, Wisconsin Public Radio and KFIZ have ably reported on developments in State of Wisconsin v. Steven A. Avery #122987.

Yet, other prominent Wisconsin legal writers — Ed Treleven and Patrick Marley — have blacked-out the story despite its status as potentially Wisconsin's biggest scandal in history, (Newsweek, Rolling Stone).

Lives will be ruined, careers destroyed, and dreams shattered as the corruption of east-central Wisconsin and the DoJ becomes as incontrovertible as the beauty of Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.

Marian University in Fond du Lac features a real-time course discussing the proposition that Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach, and the consequences to our state should a new trial be ordered, (Fond du Lac Reporter).

Post-conviction litigation documents in legal briefs, motions and rulings can prove to be challenging reading of complex, subtle and vast amounts of specialized material in unnecessarily abstruse lexicon.

#WorkWithKZ is resource that helps explain the work of Zellner's impressive array of scientists, experts and analytical resources on her legal team.

#WorkWithKZ takes a voluminous amount of legal material and presents the issues for a general readership.

Think you need summaries for the Mueller Report? You do.

Because the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office, Calumet County Sheriff's Office and respective county district attorneys' offices including ex-special prosecutor Ken Kratz have committed an incredible, almost indescribable amount of deceit and bad faith, #WorkWithKZ and social media affinity groups are imperative as a corrective in the public sphere.

This quest is a paper chase, it's engaging and in the end, I predict, the good guys are finally going to win.

In the post-conviction state appellate litigation, the State ignores the appellate court's controlling Feb 25 order and opinion seeking arguments on the merits of Zellner's position that the State secretly destroyed evidence that the state previously agreed to preserve.

In Zellner's April 11 legal filing, Zellner also points out that the State in making its convoluted procedural arguments is taking conflicting positions, (pp 2,3).

To keep abreast of updates, see #WorkWithKZ.

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