Feb 12, 2019

Wisconsin Is a State of Men and Women Because the Rule of Law Is Perishing; Attorney General Josh Kaul Is Complicit and Insidious

The Wisconsin Department of Justice continues to betray
and destroy as the world watches the degradation in
post-conviction litigation against Steven Avery.
Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) is on point, in
defending the work of disgraced ex-DA, Ken Kratz,
and the criminality of Wisconsin law enforcement.
The Whole World Is Watching Wisconsin -

Post-conviction attorney, Kathleen Zellner, will be offering a live question-and-answer session on Twitter, Feb. 12 at Noon.

Update: In response to questions from our friends overseas: Targeting people is in itself tyrannical.

Wisconsin does not have a state Grand Jury system. But when someone is transformed from a person of interest to a "target" in a probe or a grand jury (in other states) or a federal investigation, formal procedures and notifications kick in to protect the soon-to-be-accused.

Not so in the Avery case. Law enforcement targeted Steven Avery and then set about to plant evidence, manipulate and manufacture evidence, even destroying exculpatory evidence.

This is tyrannical and despotic — the opposite of what American criminal justice is supposed to be. And this is what Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul is defending, in an unethical fashion to boot.
Madison, Wisconsin — "Despotism is a plan alone, without law and without rule, leading all its will and caprices," intoned the satirist, poet, and social contract theorist, Montesquieu. "To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them."

In opposing post-conviction litigation against the wrongful convicted Steven Avery, (Making Murderer), Wisconsin Attorney Josh Kaul (D) is offering polemics, pointless antagonism and defense of apparent criminality and willful violation of constitutional rights and state law committed by Wisconsin law enforcement. Avery's rights, no matter the misconduct of law enforcement, are to be opposed, believes Kaul.

Kaul is delaying the inevitable, defending a miscarriage of justice and doing dishonor to Wisconsin.

I have lived in Wisconsin all my life, and I do not see the bottom, though Josh Kaul is dredging the filth of Wisconsin as he blocks, obscures and delays, motivated from a pathology only Kaul can truly explain.

Post-conviction attorney, Kathleen Zellner, will be offering a question-and-answer session on Twitter, Feb. 12 at Noon.

The event follows a new filing in Avery's case before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District Two.

And it follows new evidence demonstrating outright criminality, banditry, by multiple law enforcement jurisdictions.

Wisconsin media and citizens the world-over will tune in.

Yet, as each new piece of evidence pried from east-central Wisconsin law enforcement reveals duplicity and willful targeting of an innocent man, innocence advocates are already speculating what remedies exist to meet the challenge of systemic criminality.
To paraphrase Archibald Cox: Whether we shall continue to be a state of laws is now for ultimately the Wisconsin people to decide.

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