Feb 11, 2019

Making a Murderer — Wisconsin Sheriff's Deputy Implicated by New FOIA Documents

Manitowoc County Sheriff Dept Lt., Andrew Colborn, (Ret),
was implicated in misconduct in the second Steven Avery
frame-up, becoming a major disgraced public figure, as
documented in Making a Murderer, and
Wrecking Crew, Demolishing The Case Against Steven Avery,
Update: Steven Avery's post-conviction attorney posts new filing Feb. 11 with Wisconsin Court of Appeals, Dist Two.
Madison, Wisconsin — Among the cast of rogues in the Making a Murderer docuseries is Manitowoc County Deputy Sheriff Andrew Colborn (ret).

Much of Colborn's public conduct as a public official was criticized at the public 2007 trial of Steven Avery.

But Colborn appears frightened.

So frightened that Colborn filed a defamation suit against Netflix and the creators of Making a Murderer earlier this year. Most legal observers believe that this opens Colborn up to extensive sworn examination and scrutiny.

The contents of some 300 documents obtained in a new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) revealed the weekend of Feb. 8 by supporters of wrongfully convicted Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, appear to implicate Wisconsin law enforcement in misconduct.

The documents are housed online at Google Docs.

The documents are entitled CASO Ledgers for Calumet County Sheriff's Office (CASO).

One of the FOIA documents show Colborn's time-sheet is contradicted by his sworn testimony at the 2007 trial.

This supports a theory advanced at trial that Colborn came upon the murder victim's missing car and did not report the find.

The car later turned up mysteriously at Avery's property in plain view, a development that helped to convict Avery.

Writes one innocence advocate:

Colborn was most likely on duty on 11/4/2005 when [passer-by] Rahmlow told him about the RAV 4 in Mishicot. We asked MTSO [Manitowoc County Sheriff Dept] for clarification, and they provided time cards that show Colborn was off the 4th-6th. Weird, bc [because] he testified to working 5th and 6th. Hmmmmm.

Revelations such as the above lead advocates to speculate that the 2007 trial may be vacated soon, a development hat may lead to Avery's (and by logic Brendan Dassey's) exoneration.

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