Aug 16, 2018

Wisconsin GOP Picks Rightwing Extremist Again in State Sen. Primary Election

State Sen. Caleb Frostman
(D-Sturgeon Bay) connects to
Wisconsin culture and
Updated - Madison, Wisconsin — Voters chose State Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere) as the Republican Party's candidate for state senate dist one, nominating the radical fundamentalist who wants to outlaw abortion and birth control.

Jacque trounced Bill Nauta in the Republican Party Primary this week.

Typical of the radical misogynistic politics that now define the Republican Party, Evangelicals and racists dominate this assembly of whites led by the Evangelical Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Jacque is shameless in his desire that government control women.

Jacque will face State Sen. Caleb Frostman (D-Sturgeon Bay) in a rematch of the June Special Election in northeastern Wisconsin that was illegally blocked by Gov. Scott Walker (R) as part the continuing Republican war against voters.
Frostman has been meeting constituents since assuming office in early Summer, holding listening sessions in this polarized district where openly opposing Walker is to risk one's health.
This spring a local resident, Patrick Forest Markham, intentionally poisoned protestors, including children, at an April protest against Walker.

Markham is scheduled for a pre-trial conference, Friday, August 17, for his citation for disorderly conduct for his coal rolling, ejecting and directing toxic smoke to poison and intentionally cause distress, often used as a rightwing tactic to disrupt protests with which rightwingers disagree.

Markham bragged about his conduct in Facebook comments left in response to a video produced by the Door County Advocate and reporter, Liz Welter, from the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Welter was present at, and witnessed the event during her coverage of the protest held April 6, 2018.

Markham wrote:
"Suck my exhaust"

"I am glad they got the coal treatment"

"... I rolled coal threw (sic) them when I left work"
Fundamentalist Wisconsin State Rep. Andre Jacque
(R-De Pere), may be bad fit for northeastern Wisconsin.
Jacque remains certain he and not women ought be
the deciders of whether women bare children.
Residents speaking on background say a municipal citation is too lenient, and one mother of a child is reportedly contemplating a civil action.
For now, residents in this region go about their lives, and speak with their elected representatives in the hope they can change public policy.

"Now, I can pick up the phone and call my state senator, Caleb Frostman, and talk about the issues that affect my community," said a Door County resident in June. "Contacting my legislator is what our republic is supposed to be about. Not for Scott Walker."

Residents of this district often contact State Sen. Frostman, and as before they have a lot to say.

A writer living in Door County notes on background the continuing menace of factory farms in the region, the Wisconsin Door Peninsula:

Sewage equivalent to that generated from Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay, is regularly strewn over Kewaunee County’s karst topography. ... The solution is de-centralization. Return to small family dairy farms spaced over all of Wisconsin (thus spreading the wealth ... in more ways than one). The current eight-thousand dairy farms needs to be converted back to 80-thousand, as it used to be.

Pictured below are the manure-laden steams that vector pathogens into the surface waters and aquifers of Door and Kewaunee counties.

It's beautiful in the Wisconsin Peninsula. What are we doing?

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