Aug 13, 2018

Under Pressure in Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin —Will we have a state tomorrow?

This is the question facing Wisconsin voters as they select a Democratic Party nominee for governor.

Even with strong anti-Trump and anti-Gov. Scott Walker (R) winds blowing through the Badger state, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has a way of screwing up a Summer day.

The strongest candidate and only military veteran in the race is the progressive, Matt Flynn.

Naturally, Party insiders decided the most prudent course of action was to follow Scott Walker and launch a media campaign against Flynn. Lunacy, but not a surprise.

Other candidates for the Democratic nomination, especially Mahlon Mitchell and Paul Soglin, would likely do well against Walker, with the exception of Tony Evers from east-central Wisconsin, who would blow a general election race.

Evers is white-white, Republican-lite, and is vanishingly insignificant as a force for progressive change.

Evers of course has been pushed by the same bunch of Democratic Party geniuses who gave this state away to Scott Walker, Donald Trump, big ag and the Koch brothers.


Scott Walker is advertising heavily for Foxconn as a basis for his reelection.

Matt Flynn is vowing to launch the most massive industrial-policy litigation in state history to void the illegal Foxconn-Wisconsin contract.

Tony Evers vows Foxconn is here to stay.
Voting Rights

After the election tomorrow, within weeks it is a good bet the Republican Wisconsin Dept of Justice will push the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to reverse recent legal voting rights victories, under the guise of electoral stability, clarity and integrity.

Enough of the Madison City Clerk's policy of assisting voters casting a ballot, Republicans say.

Just two years ago, early-voting lines ran blocks-long in the sole early-voting site in the city.

From 2016:
Now, after the One Wisconsin Now v. Thomsen federal voting rights victory in 2016, Madison today has some 14 satellite, early-voting sites, and voters are turning out in record numbers.

Scott Walker and Republicans are not amused.

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