Jul 18, 2018

Matt Flynn Is on Air First in Wisconsin Democratic Primary, Bashes Foxconn

Matt Flynn hits Scott Walker and Foxconn in first TV ad
among Democratic Party candidates for governor.
Madison, Wisconsin — Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn is on the air with the first TV spot, promising to stop Foxconn with litigation, Matthew DeFour reports.

Flynn has promised to terminate the Foxconn contract with a complex legal attack.

The Foxconn agreement has been criticized for running afoul of the Wisconsin Constitution and state statutes that would likely present legal problems for the Republican-made deal between the state and Taiwanese corporation, (Facebook, No to the Foxconn).

Pre-primary scientific and online polls show Flynn running second to Tony Evers. Pre-primary polling is generally regarded as unreliable prior to the start of TV spots.

Early voting has begun in the Aug. 14 election. Multiple early-voting sites are expected to open in late July in Madison and Milwaukee.

The Flynn spot, One Candidate, introduces the candidate, and points out that Flynn, alone among the eight Democratic candidates for governor, vows to stop the widely unpopular Foxconn with litigation.

Reports DeFour:
The Matt Flynn TV spot is below:

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