Jul 20, 2018

Foxconn-O-Meter Measures Opposition to Co Black Hole by Democratic Gov Hopefuls

Candidates for the nomination of the
Democratic Party for Wisconsin governor
are ranked by opposition to Foxconn
in new press release.
Madison, Wisconsin — Gubernatorial candidate, Matt Flynn, is the acknowledged anti-Foxconn voice in the Democratic Primary.

It's not controversial, as Tony Evers' evolving position is now Foxconn is here to stay.

From the Matt Flynn campaign comes another Foxconn press release dated July 19. The release is reproduced below.

The release highlights the growing rift between candidates Matt Flynn and Tony Evers.

Evers insisted at a debate last week that Foxconn cannot be fought and the company is here to stay, as well as the $4.5 billion Wisconsin taxpayers are expected to cough up.

Flynn is unequivocal that he will fight Foxconn and terminate the contract.

Flynn and Paul Soglin lead the anti-Foxconn index. Evers brings up the bottom.

From the Flynn campaign.

Of the Eight Democrats Challenging Walker, Flynn is by Far the Strongest in Opposition to Foxconn

(Milwaukee) – All eight Democrats challenging Scott Walker say they are opposed to the $4.5 billion corporate welfare giveaway to Foxconn, but there are differences between them on what to do about it. The “Foxconn-O-Meter” shows where every candidate ranks in opposition to the Foxconn deal, based on their approach to stopping it.

Of all eight Democrats, only Matt Flynn has released a detailed strategy for stopping the Foxconn deal. Most candidates have released little-to-no details about their approach to Foxconn, only saying they’re against it. Two candidates – including Tony Evers – say they will not even try to stop Foxconn.

“The Foxconn deal is the worst economic development plan in history,” said Flynn. “It is also unconstitutional. As governor, I will bring litigation to rescind the contract on Day One. Foxconn can come here, but they will have to follow our laws and they will not get our tax dollars. No other candidate is as committed to stopping the deal.” #

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