Apr 24, 2018

Wisconsin Senate Special Election—Scott Walker, Republicans Show the Real Hate

Members of the Door County (Wisconsin) Indivisible
Coalition held a small protest in April outside of the
Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club where Walker and
Republicans chided citizens for opposing Walker's
reelection. The gathering of some 38 residents was
disrupted by a white truck, reportedly driven by a local
Republican activist, Patrick Markham, owner
of North Shore Marine Services. The truck
approached the crowd and ejected black smoke
at the gathering, a rightwing tactic to disrupt protests. The
tactic is known variously as "rolling coal" and the "coal
treatment." Rolling coal is the injection of fuel into an
engine to cause a profusion of black exhaust fumes directed
at targets. The fumes are a dangerous pollutant, and
extremely dangerous to children, a fact that Markham ignored.
Patrick Markham claimed in Facebook comments
that he "rolled coal threw, (sic) them when I left work."
Markham also said, "I am glad they got the coal treatment,"
and "Suck my exhaust." Pictured above is a member of
the Door County (Wisconsin) Indivisible Coalition,
holding her baby at the Scott Walker protest.
"In July 2014, the United States Environmental Protection
Agency stated that the practice was illegal, as it
violated the Clean Air Act," reads an entry in Wikipedia.

Walker's campaign rhetoric on hate is belied by malicious supporters. Police investigating attempted poisoning of Walker protesters in "rolling coal" incident

Gov. Scott Walker spoke at the Republican Door County Wisconsin Lincoln Day Dinner in Sturgeon Bay on April 7, saying citizens opposing his reelection are hateful.

Echoing this message across the state, Walker said, the "left is angry and they are motivated and their rhetoric is full of hate," (Welter, Green Bay Press Gazette).

A local journal, the Door County Advocate, (part of the USA-Today Network), ran a Facebook video of a protest against Walker held outside the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club where Walker and Wisconsin Republicans spoke.

The protest was organized by the Door County Indivisible Coalition.

The Advocate video disconfirms Walker's characterization of the protest derided by Walker at the Republican event. Walker made several specific references to the protest.

The self-proclaimed actions of a Republican in Door County, Patrick Markham, also contradicts Walker.

The Door County Advocate video of the protest features a loud sound and visible smoke from a truck Markham claims to have driven.

A protestor is seen on video, saying a "rude person" just "gassed everybody," in a purposeful, malignant act directing poisonous emissions at some three dozen protesters including three children.

The incident has been reported to the Sturgeon Bay Police Dept, and, reportedly, protest participants are contemplating civil legal action.

Comments left at the Door County Advocate Facebook posting of the video include the following. Readers can decide what is hate:

Patrick Markham · 0:19 Suck my exhaust

Michael Stich · 0:45 You idiots can shove those pussy hats up your useless holes

Patrick Markham · 1:11 I am glad they got the coal treatment

Derick Rouer · 0:44 Bunch of dumbasses. You are motivated by hate

Steve Tilseth · 0:45 Liberalism is evil you should all be ashamed of yourselves

From the Door County Indivisible Coalition

ALERT:  A number of you were at the "Welcome to Republicans" rally that we held on April 7th in Sturgeon Bay.  At one point during the rally a white truck (with two small children inside the truck) "rolled coal" at all of our rally participants.  We have since learned that "rolling coal" or black smoke is illegal - especially since we had three children and a donkey as well as 38 participants who could have been adversely affected by this action.  One of our members reported this incident to the police.  The incident was documented in part by the Facebook bragging by the participant who either works for or owns a business in Sturgeon Bay - Markham is his name.  The Police Department was very disturbed by this event.  The officer wanted to know if any of us have video or other evidence that would document this despicable action.  So please, if you have a picture or are willing to be a witness let me know.  I think that the "hate and anger" rhetoric of the Republicans needs to be rebutted. 


  1. Good work here. It sickens me how Republicans are allowed to be disgraceful, arrogant, threatening and abusive, and people give it a shrug.

    But God forbid a liberal get angry at the repressive, disgusting act of the GOP! Then RW media shrieks and whines about how persecuted they are, and "objective" media asks Dems why they can't be nicer.

    There's a word for people who can dish it out but can't take it. It has 5 letters, starts with P, and ends with Y.

    1. The pathology from a certain brand of white Republicans is dangerous.
      These people are families, three children were at the protest. Yet, this idiot Markham somehow dismisses the humanity of infants and emits a profusion of toxic fumes at these families.

      Have a look at the comments left at the video posting; these people are vile. I know of no progressive who holds to these positions of invective and hate.