Apr 23, 2018

Scott Walker Attacks Voters Who Don't Support Him as Angry and Hateful

The writing on the wall in Wisconsin has Scott Walker
alarmed, already demonizing Wisconsinites for not
supporting his political candidacy.
Updated - Madison, Wisconsin — Scott Walker took his show on the road in April flying across the state to campaign events at which the career pol chided Wisconsinites not supporting his candidacy as agents of anger and hatred, (Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

This is a continuation of Walker's assault against non-Walker-aligned citizens whom he presented as evidence he should be president. Walker infamously compared protesting families whom he "took on" to ISIS in his ill-fated run for the presidency in 2015.

Scott Walker's evoking god as the sanctioning authority for his campaign is a warning to the real decision-makers in our democracy, the voters, nevertheless judged by Walker by virtue of their allegiance to him.

In 2014, the last time Walker ran for governor, Walker promised to serve four years, then reneged on this promise to Wisconsin, citing "God's plan" that included Walker's subsequent run for president, begun in July-August 2015.

God rescinded his support for Scott Walker nine weeks later in Sept 2015, reportedly telling Walker: he was "being called to lead by helping to clear the race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field," (Mal Contends).

Who knew god was so concerned with Republican Party politics and the fate of politicians? Scott Walker said he did.

We should not be surprised Walker holds Wisconsin citizens in such disdain that he rigs elections through gerrymandering, blocking elections and obstructing voters when this very same pol is so delusional he claims political mandates from god.

So, anti-god Wisconsinites are now described as hateful and angry.

Did Scott Walker ever consider voters simply are judging him and finding him to be a corrupt charlatan?

In any event, politicians claiming a divine mandate should be a red flag to Americans of any stripe.

Voters rejecting Scott Walker's divisive and corrupt politics should be respected and listened to, not branded, derided and demonized.

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