Mar 19, 2018

Trump Still Silent on Serial Bomber Assassinating Black and Brown Folks in Austin

Austin, Texas police chief speaks to reporters after bombing
last week, (Huffington Post)
Last night the fourth terrorist bombing in Texas claimed two more casualties.

Two weeks and four bombs. But there is an element here that makes these crimes even more spectacular: The victims are black and brown, so Donald Trump is silent.

Imagine if the victims were white and lived in small-town Pennsylvania and Wisconsin?

From Shaun King at The Intercept:

Here’s what I know and what makes living in this country so damn exhausting: If the victims were white and the suspects were known to be Muslims, the president of the United States would care. In these cases, however, with no profile of the attacker available and a trail of black and brown victims, it seems like this square peg doesn’t fit into the round hole of Trump’s agenda. 

The United States has a white supremacist in the White House, with an emboldened base of white supremacists cheering this lunatic on.

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