Feb 24, 2018

Wisconsin Factory Farm Polluter and Republican Donor Dead in Plane Crash

A Google Earth view of Pagel's Ponderosa factory farm in
Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. The late owner, John Pagel, was
a member of the Kewaunee County Board and chair of
the county's Land and Conservation Committee. Pagel has
acknowledged that large factory operations such as his
can contribute to groundwater pollution but said industry can
 lead the way toward a solution. From Wisconsin Watch
"I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction," wrote Clarence Darrow in his 1932 autobiography, The Story of My Life, (p. 92).

Darrow, were he living today, could be referring to the death of factory farm polluter, John Pagel, killed when a Cessna 441 Conquest Turboprop plane crashed in a muddy field in Carroll County, Indiana on Feb. 22, (WSAW).

Pagel is a major poisoner of families and an unrepentant polluter of communities in Wisconsin's peninsula.

"It would have been fitting if Pagel drowned in a million-gallon vat of cow shit, instead of falling from the sky," said a Door County citizen this weekend. "You want a quote, how about, 'you reap what you sow,' John Pagel."

That is fitting.

Pagel did had other pursuits besides poisoning area families by vectoring cow manure into their water wells.

Pagel gave $1,000s to Scott Walker and other Republicans who in return transformed Wisconsin water pollution law and regulations so Pagel and factory polluters could get away with poisoning children, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Wisconsin media ran statements this weekend saying Pagel left behind a "legacy."

Wisconsin needs no more such legacies.

"Safe drinking water is a prerequisite for protecting public health and all human activity," reads the Unites States Department of Homeland Security, (DHS), website on our Water and Wastewater Systems sector.

Don't think John Pagel died knowing the value of water for human life and public health.

I note with satisfaction that Pagel may have died with an appreciation for gravity.

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