Feb 17, 2018

Former Big Ag Atty Is Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate

Sauk County Directory, p. 37
Scott Walker, Big Ag and Judicial Corruption

Updated — When Michael P. Screnock filed a petition for judicial review on October 17, 2014, Screnock represented a massive industrialized factory farm and heavily polluting corporation, MS Real Estate Holdings LLC (formerly MilkSource Holdings LLC and Tidy View Dairy) headquartered in Kaukauna, Wisconsin in Outagamie County.

Screnock was awarded by Gov. Scott Walker with a judicial appointment some seven months later on April 10, 2015, approximately a month before Screnock withdrew from the case.

Now, Screnock is a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court which is deciding a case that could rewrite property rights law and local control in Wisconsin, Golden Sands Dairy LLC v. Town of Saratoga. [Note: For legal updates on the case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, enter 15ap1258 in the Appeal Number.] Oral argument was heard in Golden Sands in January 2018.

The Golden Sands case hangs over Wisconsin communities like a Sword of Damocles which will could eviscerate local control in favor of Big Ag operations and real estate developers.

The Republicans' Wisconsin DoJ filed a Friend of the Court brief on Nov. 17, 2017, effectively giving the justices marching orders. The Wisconsin Realtors Association and Wisconsin Builders Association, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce also filed briefs in Nov. 2017.

The Screnock appointment demonstrates again the massive work accomplished by the Scott Walker administration on behalf of polluters known in politics and the public culture as graft and corruption.

Screnock is also one of the attorneys who represented Scott Walker during the 2011-12 Recall campaign, (WisPolitics, PDF, p.4).

Screnock is a former attorney of Michael Best and Friedrich LLP, aka in-house counsel for Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin), (Elbow, The Capital Times)).

In New Chester Dairy LLC and MS Real Estate Holdings LLC v. Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources, Outagamie Circuit Court Judge Mark McGinnis ruled the state Department of Natural Resources doesn't have the authority to monitor high-capacity wells at this factory farm in central Wisconsin, (Wisconsin Public Radio).

This ruling, for the time being, insulates New Chester Dairy LLC and MS Real Estate Holdings LLC and other factory farms from state efforts to protect the region from the toxins and pathogens vectored from the New Chester Dairy LLC CAFO sited in Adams County in central Wisconsin.

Protecting polluters remains a high priority of the Walker administration, (Isikoff, Yahoo News), (Pierce, Esquire).

Screnock filed the petition for judicial review on behalf of MS Real Estate Holdings LLC on October 17, 2014, according to court records.

Screnock officially withdrew from the New Chester case on May 18, 2015 a month after Scott Walker appointed Screnock to a circuit court judgeship in Sauk County on April 10, 2015.

Walker and the Republican Party special interest groups fund judges who will rule in their favor, and Walker appoints judges who do him political favors such as helping polluters in Screnock's case.

Michael P. Screnock awarded with judgeship by Scott Walker for representing Big Ag polluter

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