Jan 19, 2018

Republicans Are Ridiculous on FISA Spying-on-Trump Posturing

Amid concerns about President* Trump's ongoing threat to fundamental rights, as noted by Emma Kohse at Lawfare, the U.S. Senate " to extend FISA Section 702, [communications surveillance], authorities for six years on Thursday, one day before the temporary authorization was set to expire. The House the reauthorization measure on Jan. 11," signed by Trump this afternoon.

The bill is S.139, FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017 — 115th Congress (2017-2018).

What's seems improbable is how quickly congressional members voice grave concern about rights and then vote for FISA, (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), anyway.

Notes Glenn Greenwald:
Whatever the merits of the FISA, Trump, Republicans, and most Democrats in Congress do offer credible concerns.

Linked are Senate Roll Call Vote on FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017.

Meanwhile, Republicans continued ridiculous posturing today that Trump is a victim of surveillance by the Deep State and the Republican-led House has the intelligence memo to prove this, though Republicans refuse to make public their secret memo.

Such posturing earlier prompted Greenwald to ridicule:

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