Dec 14, 2017

Scott Walker Will Take Wrong Lesson from Roy Moore Defeat

Wisconsin for whites, vote Republican in 2018, say white
supremacists. But decency can triumph against hate.

Wisconsin Republicans Will Attempt to Stop Black Voters in 2018, White Supremacists Remain Emboldened

The defeat this week of the child-molesting Roy Moore in Alabama—supported by Donald Trump, Scott Walker and far-too many Republicans—courses thorough the political world.

Hey, decency can win elections.

A signal of the coming 2018 anti-Republican wave? Could be.

Report Richard Fausset and Campbell Robertson:

The word traveled, urgently and insistently, along the informal networks of black friends, black family and black co-workers: Vote.

[Black Alabama human beings] voted out of a more general concern that the country, in the Trump era, was going back to a place best left in the past.

'There’s no state in America where black people recognize the horrors of turning back the clock more than the State of Alabama. There is a consciousness about this history in the African-American community,' said Bryan Stevenson, the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, which is based in Montgomery, (New York Times).

History instructs.

Today, there's no state in America where being black is as dangerous to life, liberty and health today as in Wisconsin. Lynchings are police executions of blacks, and wrongful convictions. Harassment and public trolling is accomplished by Scott Walker and assorted Republicans on municipal police units. No need for a burning cross, when a state has Scott Walker.

A prediction

Naturally, Scott Walker, Republicans and white poll workers will do their worst to obstruct black, young and progressive voters, lest Wisconsin becomes an Alabama with black folks leading the way towards defeat of white supremacists in 2018.

Voter obstruction in Wisconsin, as bad it has been since 2011, is a project with many more assets to be utilized.

But voting is simply one important deliverable of the Wisconsin anti-black project.

By way of explanation, in Wisconsin, if you have darker skin, many whites and most Republicans DO NOT LIKE YOU.

You're black, there are perceived associated problems with your character, intelligence and decency, and you surely do not belong in a voting booth diluting elections and canceling out the votes of white folks who know better. [Public service tip: If you're black, avoid Fitchburg, Wisconsin in particular: Cops are Republican and unmoored; City Hall crats are corrupt; and the Common Council is a disgrace.]

In Wisconsin, blacks folks, aka the urban vote, are concentrated in Milwaukee and the south-eastern quadrant of the state, including Kenosha, Racine, Rock and Dane counties.

One task for white supremacist Republicans is to stop unwanted voters in these locales.

One solution

If there is not a voter-protection infrastructure in Milwaukee, for example, Scott Walker and other white supremacists win in 2018. It's that easy. Voter protection.

One hopes the Democratic Party realizes the stakes. As a life-long Wisconsinite, I don't think they get it. I know my black friends and family agree.

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