Nov 16, 2017

Erin Brockovich Hails Wisconsin Groundwater-Contamination Scholars, Notes UW Is Fearful of Republicans

Erin Brockovich hits Wisconsin water researchers
for fear of Republicans
Updated - Madison, Wisconsin—What has Gov. Scott Walker done to Wisconsin?

Now, researchers at the University of Wisconsin System reportedly are so fearful, (and rightfully so), of retaliation for their work on the toxification of groundwater, that researchers here keep their heads down for fear of pursuing an "agenda" like empirical science which might lead to public policy to protect water.

Writes Erin Brockovich on Facebook today:

It's time to shake things up in the Wisconsin groundwater contamination debate.

Coal ash is the primary suspect because it’s gone into landfills in the area and into construction fill "under roads, buildings, parks and schools... yes schools.

Here's the thorn for me... the Duke team’s involvement also got around the issue that a lot of professors in Wisconsin are trying to keep their heads down and avoid "doing anything that would get them seen as having an agenda," (Jon Drewson, Clean Wisconsin’s chief spokesman), said, alluding to the fights between Walker’s administration and the University of Wisconsin system. 

There is a solution. Vote out Scott Walker in 2018.

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