Oct 20, 2017

Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Madison, Wisc Police Chief Hit NFL Players' Human Rights Stand

The face of hate in Madison, Wisconsin wears military blue
and black and has a home in the Madison Police Department.
Above are two killer cops.
Updated - Madison, Wisconsin—The lust for reenactment of mythic ritual is strong in the fascist mind.

Stronger still is the rage against open demonstration mocking such insipid ritual. Stronger still is the urge to kill.

Witness the National Football League and the NFL Players Association's support of players who protest police killing people, racism and brutality in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Many NFL players protest by taking a knee during the National Anthem at football games.

No surprise that Donald Trump "has stepped up the pressure on the National Football League over protests by its players during the national anthem by launching a petition and asking his supporters to show their patriotism by backing it," (Reuters).

No surprise that Gov. Scott Walker opines, "It is time for players in the NFL to stop their protests during the anthem ...," (The Capital Times).

Both craven politicians are hostile to military veterans, human rights and civil liberties. Both pols never served in the military, Peace Corp, even as a poll worker, or have volunteered for any civic duty.

In Madison, Wisconsin, it gets worse.

Madison's leading fascist municipal office holder, the Chief of Police Mike Koval, has now joined the cynical chorus of voices condemning protests for human rights at football games, (WISC-TV).

In Koval's mind, protesting cops killing people, racism and brutality is a "self-absorbed ... diatribe."

Koval need not look far for examples of cops killing people, racism and brutality now under NFL players' protest. Killer cops are allowed and defended in the Madison Police Department.

Koval never protests against cops killing people, racism and brutality. In Madison, Koval always, 100 percent of the time, cheers on his killer cops.

Last year faced Koval faced widespread condemnation for verbally assaulting a black grandmother whose young grandson, Tony Robinson, was gunned down in cold blood by Madison Police killer cop, Matt Kenny.

For Koval, killing is a ritualistic act, worthy of defense. Consider:

For victims of killer cops, inflicted trauma never is healed. Not ever.

It may help Koval to understand our community's objection to his killer cops by considering when players take a knee for victims, local victims of Madison Police such as Ashley DiPiazza, Tony Robinson, and Paul Heenan are honored.

Nationally, this year promises to be a good year for killer cops. 2017 is ahead of the 2016 in successful killings by police: As of Oct. 19, 2017, 958 people were killed by cops. On Oct. 19, 2016, that figure was 939 people killed by cops.

This killer-cop phenomenon should be studied, challenged and reversed.

But for craven politicians like Trump, Walker and Koval, failure to partake in ridiculous ritual is a worse offense.

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