Aug 22, 2017

Wisconsin Democratic Leader under Fire for Pro-Foxconn Vote

Democratic Ass Minority Leader Peter Barca, Flaks for Foxconn, Walker, Trump

Madison, Wisconsin — The proposed $3 billion corporate give-away to the Taiwanese giant, Foxconn, doesn't have many fans in Wisconsin outside Republican Party pols.

One of the supporters is the Democratic State Assembly Minority Leader, Rep. Peter Barca, (D-Kenosha), who voted in mid-August for this unprecedented subsidy dubbed the Fox Con.

Now, Barca is drawing public criticism from progressive Democratic Assembly members, one of whom is featured in an Associated Press piece by Scott Bauer hitting the national media.

Writes the AP's Bauer:

Wisconsin Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca was branded as failing 'on all accounts' by a fellow Democrat who was 'incredibly frustrated and concerned' with his actions after Barca joined Republicans in voting for a $3 billion tax incentive package for Foxconn Technology Group.

The critic is State Rep. Lisa Subeck, (D-Madison), who like most Wisconsin Democratic legislators and gubernatorial candidates, is against the gargantuan boondoggle.

The Foxconn legislation enjoys little support in western, central and northern Wisconsin, so Barca's tactic to exacerbate historical geographical tensions could consolidate disdain for Democratic legislators already imperiled by gerrymandered redistricting.

Rep. Subeck issues a statement last week following the Foxconn vote in the State Assembly.

Subeck's statement is reproduced below:

MADISON – Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) released the following statement regarding her vote against Special Session Assembly Bill 1, which will provide a $3 billion subsidy to the Taiwanese company, Foxconn.

The $3 billion Foxconn giveaway passed today by Assembly Republicans is a bad deal for the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin. The price tag is too high, and the risk of providing $3 billion in corporate welfare far outweighs any likely benefit.

To be clear, I am committed to bringing good jobs to Wisconsin, but this convoluted corporate welfare scheme is not the way to do so. We can bring good jobs to Wisconsin without selling out our environment or mortgaging our children’s futures.

I voted no today to protect my constituents who will be left paying the price of this boondoggle for years to come. Governor Walker and the Republicans are all too willing to sell out Wisconsin’s future to a foreign corporation.

Unfortunately for Wisconsin, the Democratic Party as a whole has not put out a coherent message against Foxconn.

The Supeck email was sent to all Assembly Democrats last week, and was obtained by the AP, likely leaked by disgusted Democratic aides.

A hearing is scheduled today in the legislature's Joint Committee on Finance.

The Finance hearing has been moved to the tiny village of Village of Sturtevant in southeastern Wisconsin, some 100 miles away from Madison.

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